Community Involvement & What We Do

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Community Involvement

Each year the Northwest Training and Adjustment Board involves the communities it serves in a consultation and planning process to identify and address workforce needs resulting in a Local Labour Market Plan (LLMP) Report.

This process may include surveys, interviews and community consultations throughout the region to gather local information.  This process is used to:

Identify Local Workforce Trends and Issues

  • From Census data, Labour Market Bulletins, Sector Council Reports, Labour Market Studies and Trade/Industry Publications.
  • Analysis is based on provincial and national workforce trends and how they impact local communities and our region as a whole.
  • Community validation.

Prioritize Needs and Identify Projects to Address Needs

  • Community input is gathered through various methods to determine local and regional priorities.
  • Identify new and ongoing projects.
  • Update region on existing projects.

Establish Partnerships and Work Plans

  • Partnerships are established with business, educators/trainers, government, industry and service providers, just to name a few.
  • Clarify partners’ roles and commitment and review expected outcomes.
  • Develop work plans and set timelines.
  • Take action.

Provide Accountability

  • Performance measures.
  • Action plans.
  • Reporting and communication to local communities and region.
  • Updates Required.

What We Do

The role of Workforce Planning Boards is to engage communities and community partners in local labour market development. By conducting and analyzing local labour market research, trends and planning processes, we work to develop community partnerships to find solutions to local issues.

NTAB functions as a neutral broker of research, disseminator of information and facilitator of collaborative partnership development.

We provide labour market information and research on the regional workforce.

To achieve our objectives, NTAB undertakes the following activities: A series of activities led by each local board in their area that includes the production of Census profiles, research of local labour market information, consultation with community partners and stakeholders to discuss and prioritize issues, trends, opportunities and priorities, development of a community partners’ action plan to foster the development and implementation of local solutions to local issues and the production of the Local Labour Market Plan.

Labour force trends identified for our region:

  • Transitioning Workforce in a Changing Economy
  • In-Migration of Key Demographics
  • Evolving Education Requirements
  • Supporting Entrepreneurs
  • Integrating the Marginalized Workforce
  • Post Covid Workforce (added 2023)
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