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Career Compass Northwest is a collection of labour market tools that provide an all-encompassing representation of the labour market in the NTAB region. It gathers and displays job postings from 20+ job boards; presents a list of community resources, a career pathway explorer, a talent map and more into one location for easy access.

Career Compass Northwest will make it easy for people to look for work while data reports generated will enhance knowledge of the Kenora and Rainy River Districts local labour market supply and demand.

“How To” Videos

Additional help for each tool can be found on the individual page in the top right corner under the title bar. Click on “Help” and a list of “How To” Videos will appear.

Job Search Tools

Search dozens of job boards at once with the largest job board in the region.

Find jobs, employment services, child care, transportation options and more near you.

Career Development Tools

Learn more about different occupations, including regional demand and salary expectations.

Find career paths and jobs related to your current experience.

Community Data Tools

Explore census data geographically. Compare metrics or view aggregated data for regions in absolute terms or relative to other regions.

An online mapping tool that displays job posting concentration and a database of companies.

An online mapping tool that assists local employers, recruiting firms, and communities in geo-targeting talent attraction campaigns for hard to fill occupations.

Learn more about different industries, and identify regional industry participants.

Reports & Analytics

Who is hiring in the region and what occupations are being recruited?

Report Archive.

Who are the people looking for work, and what are they searching for?

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