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Podcast Just Launched:

Adult Literacy – Your Gateway to Workplace Productivity

This podcast will focus on how employers can develop and build their own workforce by utilizing local adult learning centres and working with Literacy and Basic Skills Networks. Learn about the reasons employers would work with LBS networks, why your workplace and employees would benefit from skills upgrading and the services that we can provide.

This Podcast was brought to you by Literacy Northwest and its partners. We would like to acknowledge and thank the Mid-North Network, Literacy Network Northeast, QUILL Learning Network, Coalition Ontarienne de Formation Des Adults, (COFA) and Contact North for their support and expertise! We would also like to recognize and thank our developers; Tamara Kaattari, Executive Director – Literacy Link South Central and Jessica Gowers – Communications Manager, Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board.

Please see the attached poster and RSS link below:


For listeners’ and viewers’ convenience, the Podcast can also be accessed on all available platforms including:





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