Technicians in this unit group provide first-line technical support to computer users experiencing difficulties with computer hardware and with computer applications and communications software. They are employed by computer hardware manufacturers and retailers, software developers, in call centres and in information technology units throughout the public and private sectors. Technicians in this unit group are also employed by independent technical support companies or they may be self-employed.

Information Technology – Contact Centre Customer Service Agent

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Information Technology (IT) customer service agents provide customer service over the telephone or email for activities ranging from sales to technical troubleshooting. Agents access the information provided to aid customers with their concerns, negotiate issues, and resolve any other problems they may have.

Information Technology – Contact Centre Sales Agent

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Information Technology (IT) contact centre sales agents effectively use sales techniques and customer service skills to maintain the sales environment at a contact centre. Agents prepare and complete required documentation, and set up and configure microcomputer systems and components.

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