Early childhood educators plan, organize and implement programs for children between the ages of infancy and 12 years. Early childhood educator assistants provide care for infants and preschool- to school-age children under the guidance of early childhood educators. Early childhood educators and assistants lead children in activities to stimulate and develop their intellectual, physical and emotional growth and ensure their security and well-being. They are employed in child-care centres, daycare centres, kindergartens, agencies for exceptional children and other settings where early childhood education services are provided. Supervisors of early childhood educators and assistants are included in this unit group.

Designated Early Childhood Educator, 1.0 FTE (21/22-93)

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Requirements: Certificate in Early Childhood Education; Member in good standing with the Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators; Must have the ability to develop and present age appropriate programming that reflects the needs and interest of children within a faith based learning environment; Must have the ability to work within a team environment, using a [...]

Child Development Practitioner

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Child development practitioners plan activities for preschool and school-age children that stimulate their intellectual, physical, and emotional growth. They may care for infants and toddlers or develop and supervise daily activities for older children. They lead children in activities such as reading stories, singing, playing instruments, doing crafts, and other creative games. They must also [...]

Aboriginal Child Development Practitioner

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An aboriginal child development practitioner plans and supervises activities for young children to encourage them in intellectual, physical, and emotional growth. They create activities that help children learn about local cultures, interests, and values.

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