This unit group includes those who use manual and artistic skills to design and make ornamental objects, pottery, stained glass, jewellery, rugs, blankets, other handicrafts and artistic floral arrangements. Makers of musical instruments are also included in this unit group. Most craftspersons are self-employed. Artistic floral arrangers are usually employed in florist shops and floral departments of retail establishments, or may be self-employed. Craft instructors are also included in this unit group and are employed by artisan guilds, colleges, private studios and recreational organizations.

Native Clothing and Crafts Artisan

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Native clothing and crafts artisans keep traditional themes alive in their artwork, which can be demonstrated in many forms. Some of their skills may include mukluk and moccasin making, quill work art, moose and caribou hair tufting and sculpting, fishscale art, birch bark baskets, and North American bead work. Other artisans may specialize in making [...]

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