Sheet metal workers fabricate, assemble, install and repair sheet metal products. They are employed by sheet metal fabrication shops, sheet metal products manufacturing companies, sheet metal work contractors and various industrial sectors.

Sheet Metal Worker (Tinsmith) Dryden, Ontario

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Description SHEET METAL WORKER (TIN SMITH) Domtar Inc., Dryden Operations is currently seeking an individual to become a permanent, full-time employee as part of our multi-skilled maintenance teams while contributing to our ongoing success. A progressive community set between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay, Dryden offers excellent recreational, fishing and outdoor activities. As an ideal candidate [...]

Precision Metal Fabricator

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Precision metal fabricators cut and shape metal. Their work includes interpreting blueprints, joining metal parts, and ensuring product quality. They operate various metal forming, shaping, and cutting machines. They can work with fabrication shops, manufacturing plants, or as contractors. Most work indoors, but some work on construction sites in unfinished buildings.

Residential (Low Rise) Sheet Metal Installer

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Residential (low rise) sheet metal installers have similar duties to sheet metal workers, but they work specifically in air handling or ventilation systems in low-rise residential buildings. The buildings these installers work in have specific ventilation systems and must be a maximum of four stories. They do not have duties involving manufacturing, fabrication, or metal [...]

Sheet Metal Worker

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Sheet metal workers cut, shape, and assemble sheet metal. Their work ranges from furnace and duct systems in homes, to oven and drying systems in auto plants, to heating and ventilating systems in office towers. They interpret blueprints, join metal parts, and ensure product quality. They can work for fabrication shops, for manufacturing plants, or [...]

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