Electrical power line and cable workers construct, maintain and repair overhead and underground electrical power transmission and distribution systems. They are employed by electric power generation, transmission and distribution companies, electrical contractors and public utility commissions.

Light Rail Overhead Contact Systems Linesperson

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Light rail overhead contact systems linepeople build and maintain lighting systems, electrical track switch systems, contact conduct systems, and aerial feeder systems. These linespeople test and repair conductors, switches, transducers, air compressors, track gauges, hydraulic presses, voltmeters, ammeters, puller-tensioner machines, and hoisting equipment within the light rail system.

Powerline Technician

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Powerline technicians install, maintain, inspect, and repair electrical distribution and transmission systems. Some power systems are overhead (poles, towers, and overhead wires), while others are underground or underwater. Powerline technicians must follow strict safety procedures because of the high voltages in transmission lines.

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