Steamfitters and pipefitters lay out, assemble, fabricate, maintain, troubleshoot and repair piping systems carrying water, steam, chemicals and fuel in heating, cooling, lubricating and other process piping systems. Sprinkler system installers fabricate, install, test, maintain and repair water, foam, carbon dioxide and dry chemical sprinkler systems in buildings for fire protection purposes. Steamfitters, pipefitters and sprinkler system installers are employed in maintenance departments of factories, plants and similar establishments, and by pipefitting and sprinkler system contractors, or they may be self-employed.


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Responsibilities: Read/interpret instructions and documentation and plan work activities accordingly Lay, cut, fit, thread, and install piping Welding piping and assemblies as necessary Must be able to interpret schematics as well as machine detail drawings. Troubleshoot and perform repairs to hydraulic and pneumatic systems Qualifications: 5+ years of experience pipe fitting within an industrial environment [...]


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Steamfitters work on heating or cooling pipe systems or process systems. They also work on industrial systems that convey gases, employ pneumatic tubing, involve air handling, and form the infrastructure of oil refineries and nuclear power plants. This work includes assembly, installation, maintenance, and repair.

Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer

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Sprinkler and fire protection installers work with high-pressure and low-pressure pipeline systems carrying water, foam, gas, or air. Their work includes installing, repairing, maintaining, and testing sprinkler systems. They can work in residential or commercial environments, but this work is especially important for fire control systems.

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