Concrete finishers smooth and finish freshly poured concrete, apply curing or surface treatments and install, maintain and restore various masonry structures such as foundations, floors, ceilings, sidewalks, roads, patios and highrise buildings. They are employed by construction companies, cement and concrete contractors and manufacturers of precast concrete products, or they may be self-employed.

Precast Concrete Finisher

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Precast concrete finishers complete construction projects by using hand or power tools to level and refine the surfaces of poured concrete floors, sidewalks, curbs, and other structures. They may use special techniques to produce coloured surfaces or decorative finishes. Finishers may install metal fixtures into concrete slabs or repair and replace damaged concrete structures.

Precast Concrete Erector

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Precast concrete erectors guide hoisting engineers and crane operators in aligning concrete panels and slabs into place when constructing a new building. They are skilled at reading architectural drawings and diagrams, loading and unloading concrete pieces, aligning and bolting panels together, and applying grout between the cracks in the concrete to finish the walls. They [...]

Cement (Concrete) Finisher

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Cement (concrete) finishers use concrete to make floors, walls, ceilings, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and other concrete constructions. They may use trowels, floats, and other hand tools, or use machinery such as generators, air compressors, and power vibrators. Cement finishers also sack, chip, rub, grind, and cure finished concrete work. Some restore and repair existing concrete [...]

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