This minor group includes roofers, shinglers, glaziers, insulators, painters and decorators (except interior decorators) and floor covering installers. They are employed by construction companies; roofing and general contractors; construction glass installation contractors and glass fabrication, retail service and repair shops; insulation and floor covering contractors and carpet outlets; and painting and building maintenance contractors; or they may be self-employed.

Heat and Frost Insulator

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Heat and frost insulators prevent or reduce the transmission of heat, cold, sound, and fire in buildings. They apply insulating materials to plumbing, heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems, piping equipment, pressure vessels, and the interior surfaces of buildings.

Painter and Decorator – Commercial and Residential

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Commercial and residential painters and decorators make buildings beautiful. They apply wall coverings, paint, and other finishes to the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings. They also assemble scaffolds to work on ceilings or other high places.

Painter and Decorator – Industrial

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Industrial painters work on industrial structures like factories, bridges, and storage tanks. They prepare surfaces before painting. They also assemble scaffolds, cradles, ladders, and other structures to reach high or awkward places.

Architectural Glass and Metal Technician

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Architectural glass and metal technicians can fill a room with a view. They cut, fit, and install glass in wooden and metal frames. They may work with glass doors, windows, mirrors, storefronts, aquariums, display cases, skylights, and glass building exteriors.


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Roofers keep raindrops from falling on our heads. They install, repair, and replace roofing systems. They perform damp, water, and weather proofing. They also install and maintain slate, tile, shingles, and resurfaced roofs.

Floor Covering Installer

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Floor covering installers install, repair, and service carpets, rugs, and other materials such as linoleum, vinyl, plastic, rubber, wood, cork, and seamless plastic. An installer first inspects, measures, and cleans the floor surfaces. Irregularities on wood subfloors may be sanded down and holes filled in. The lines and patterns to be followed are marked and [...]

Exterior Insulated Finish Systems Mechanic

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Exterior insulated finish systems (EIFS) mechanics, also known as stucco workers, install building systems that combine a resinous exterior cladding with a continuous layer of insulation on a building's walls. They may be responsible for reading instructions and manuals, applying adhesives to walls, preparing and installing insulation board, and applying reinforcing mesh or other coatings [...]

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