Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers inspect, diagnose, repair and service mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and components of cars, buses, and light and commercial transport trucks. They are employed by motor vehicle dealers, garages, truck and trailer dealerships, fleet maintenance companies, and service stations, automotive specialty shops, transportation companies and retail establishments which have automotive service shops. This unit group also includes mechanical repairers who perform major repairs and replacement of mechanical units on newly assembled motor vehicles. They are employed by motor vehicle manufacturing companies.

Resident Field Service Technician – (dryden, Kenora, Sioux Lookout)

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Toromont CAT Resident Field Service Technicians will safely and effectively diagnose, repair and or assemble all Caterpillar and OEM mining, forestry and earthmoving equipment in an around their place of residence and dealer region. Scheduling to be done in a timely manner alongside supervisor and administrative team ensuring high quality standards and positive customer relations [...]

Truck And Coach Technician

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Job requirements Languages English Education Registered Apprenticeship certificate Credentials (certificates, licences, memberships, courses, etc.) Truck and Transport Mechanic Red Seal Endorsement; Truck and Transport Mechanic Trade Certification Experience Experience an asset Area of Specialization Standard transmission; Front end components; Engine repair; Diagnostics; Diesel engines; Alignment, steering and suspension; Drive train components; Truck-trailer repair; Ignition and [...]

Truck and Coach Technician

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Truck and coach technicians overhaul, repair, and rebuild trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, coaches, and other road transport equipment. They may work on the fuel, brake, steering and suspension systems; transmission, emission control and exhaust systems; engines; and electrical, cooling, and climate control systems. Some mechanics specialize in one or more of these systems. Truck and coach [...]

Automotive Service Technician

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Automotive service technicians maintain and repair automobiles and light trucks. The mechanical and electrical systems they work with include the engine, steering, tires, brakes, fuel, suspension, transmission, electrical, climate control, and exhaust and emission control. Some mechanics specialize in one or more of these systems.

Automotive Electronic Accessory Technician

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Automotive electronic accessory technicians specialize in the electrical and electronic components of cars, buses, and trucks, including stereo and air conditioning systems. Their tasks include inspecting, diagnosing, repairing and servicing these vehicles.

Truck-Trailer Service Technician

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Truck-trailer service technicians rebuild, overhaul, and recondition commercial truck trailers. They repair and replace sheet metal and frames, diagnose and service suspension and braking systems, heating and refrigeration units, electrical and hydraulic systems, axles, hubs, tires, wheels, and coupling units. These technicians need to have good hand-eye coordination, physical fitness, and mechanical aptitude.

Alignment and Brakes Technician

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Alignment and brakes technicians make sure vehicles stop, start, and turn safely. They diagnose and correct problems in wheels, steering mechanisms, electronic controls, and brake systems in cars and trucks. They often work with computers to diagnose problems.

Transmission Technician

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Transmission technicians specialize in the maintenance and repair of automatic transmissions. They must be skilled at examining a vehicle and estimating the repair costs, using computerized diagnostic equipment, taking apart the transmission and replacing damaged parts, and testing the vehicle’s performance. Transmission technicians also perform routine inspections and preventative maintenance.

Automotive Glass Technician

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Automotive glass technicians repair and service all types of glass in motor vehicles and associated equipment. Automotive glass, especially the windshield, is specially designed not to shatter or break into large pointed pieces during a collision. Automotive glass technicians are trained to install and remove this glass correctly.

Bearings Mechanic

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Bearings mechanics maintain industrial machine components. They disassemble, inspect, repair, replace, and clean bearings, seals, and shocks. They also set up and operate lathes, drills, grinders, saws, and hydraulic presses.

Fuel and Electrical Systems Technician

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Fuel and electrical systems technicians keep engines tuned up. They repair and adjust fuel systems on motor vehicles. They also install and maintain electrical equipment and air-conditioning systems.

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