Workers in this unit group test, repair and service small gasoline and diesel-powered engines and equipment, such as garden tractors, lawn mowers and other related equipment. They are employed by dealer service shops and by independent service establishments.

Turf Equipment Technician

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Turf equipment technicians help keep lawns neat by repairing and maintaining lawn mowers, golf carts, traction units, small powered equipment, and tow-behind equipment. They must be skilled at sharpening blades, repairing small engines, testing fixed equipment, storing lawn equipment during the winter, and making sure the equipment meets safety standards. Turf equipment technicians work at [...]

Marine Engine Technician

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Marine engine technicians repair small boats. They are skilled at repairing, replacing, and maintaining outboard motors, stern drives, marine equipment, and motors for recreational vehicle pumps and generators. They must make sure that the repaired engines follow the manufacturer's safety codes.

Small Engine Technician

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Small engine technicians maintain the systems and components on chainsaws, lawnmowers, garden tractors, snow blowers, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and small motorcycles. They must be skilled at interpreting manufacturers’ service manuals and codes, estimating repair costs, inspecting and diagnosing damaged small engines, and performing general maintenance on mechanical components.

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