Machining tool operators set up and operate or tend metal-cutting machines designed for repetitive machining work. They are employed by metal products and other manufacturing companies and in machine shops. This unit group also includes workers who etch or chemically mill metal pieces.

Roll Grinder / Turner

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Roll grinders and turners heat metal and roll it through machines to flatten it to a specific thickness for customers like automotive manufacturers. They must be skilled at grinding, turning, and texturing cast iron, cast steel, iron, high chrome, tool steel, and forged rolls. They make sure to always follow safety procedures and inspect finished [...]

Tool and Cutter Grinder

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Tool and cutter grinders shape and sharpen precision cutting tools to be used in manufacturing. They must be skilled at reading work orders and blueprints, setting machines to cut to precise measurements, readying etching solution to remove unwanted metal portions, and maintaining the equipment.

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