Specialized middle management occupations

This major group comprises specialized middle management occupations. It includes administrative services managers and managers in financial and business services, communication (except broadcasting), engineering, architecture, science and information systems, health care, public administration, education, social and community services, public protection services, art, culture, recreation, and sport.

011 · Administrative services managers
4 Jobs

This minor group includes financial managers, human resources managers, purchasing managers and other administrative service managers. They are employed throughout the public and private sectors.

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012 · Managers in financial and business services
2 Jobs

This minor group includes insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers; banking, credit and investment managers; advertising, marketing, and public relations managers; and other business services managers. They are employed by insurance companies, real estate firms, stockbrokers, investment dealers, mortgage brokers and security and commodity exchanges; banks, trust companies and credit unions; credit departments in…

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013 · Managers in communication (except broadcasting)
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This minor group includes telecommunications carriers managers, postal managers and courier services managers. They are employed by wired, wireless, satellite and other telecommunications carriers, courier companies and Canada Post Corporation.

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