Specialized middle management occupations

This major group comprises specialized middle management occupations. It includes administrative services managers and managers in financial and business services, communication (except broadcasting), engineering, architecture, science and information systems, health care, public administration, education, social and community services, public protection services, art, culture, recreation, and sport.

041 · Managers in public administration
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This minor group includes public administration managers. They are employed by government departments, agencies, and legislative bodies.

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042 · Managers in education and social and community services
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This minor group includes education administrators, school principals and social, community and correctional services managers. They are employed by colleges, universities, vocational training schools, public and private elementary and secondary schools and school boards; social service and community agencies, correctional institutions, counselling departments, labour organizations, professional associations, political parties and non-governmental organizations.

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043 · Managers in public protection services
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This minor group includes commissioned police officers, fire chiefs, senior firefighting officers and commissioned officers of the Canadian Armed Forces. They are employed by municipal, provincial and federal governments and industrial establishments with firefighting services.

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