Life science professionals

This minor group includes biologists and related scientists, forestry professionals, agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists. They are employed by governments; consulting, agricultural, resource, utilities, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies; agricultural, health and educational institutions; and forestry and other industries; or they may be self-employed.

2121 · Biologists and related scientists
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Biologists and related scientists conduct basic and applied research to extend knowledge of living organisms, to manage natural resources, and to develop new practices and products related to medicine and agriculture. They are employed in both laboratory and field settings by governments, environmental consulting companies, resource and utilities companies, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies and […]

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2122 · Forestry professionals
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Forestry professionals conduct research, develop plans and administer and direct programs related to the management and harvesting of forest resources. They are employed by the forest industry, provincial and federal governments, consulting companies, educational institutions and other industries, or they may be self-employed.

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2123 · Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists
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Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists provide assistance and advice to farmers on all aspects of farm management, cultivation, fertilization, harvesting, soil erosion and composition, disease prevention, nutrition, crop rotation and marketing. They are employed by businesses, institutions and governments that assist the farming community, or they may be self-employed.

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