Professional occupations in education services

This major group comprises professional occupations in education services. It includes secondary and elementary school teachers, university professors, college and other vocational instructors, post-secondary assistants and educational counsellors.

401 · University professors and post-secondary assistants
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This minor group includes university professors and lecturers, and post-secondary teaching and research assistants. They are employed by universities and colleges.

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402 · College and other vocational instructors
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This minor group includes instructors who teach at community colleges, CEGEPs, agricultural colleges, technical and vocational institutes, language schools and other college level schools. This unit group also includes trainers who are employed by private training establishments, companies, community agencies and governments to deliver internal training or development courses.

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403 · Secondary and elementary school teachers and educational counsellors
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This minor group includes secondary and elementary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, and educational counsellors. They are employed by public and private secondary and elementary schools, school boards, and post-secondary educational institutions.

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