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Legal and public protection support occupations

This minor group includes sheriffs, bailiffs, correctional service officers, by-law enforcement officers, and other regulatory officers not elsewhere classified. They are employed by provincial and territorial courts; federal, provincial, and municipal governments; provincial and municipal agencies; and in private service as agents for creditors.

4421 · Sheriffs and bailiffs
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Sheriffs execute and enforce court orders, warrants and writs, participate in seizure and sale of property and perform courtroom and other related duties. Bailiffs serve legal orders and documents, seize or repossess properties, evict tenants and perform other related activities. Sheriffs and bailiffs are employed by provincial or territorial courts, and bailiffs may be employed…

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4422 · Correctional service officers
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Correctional service officers guard offenders and detainees and maintain order in correctional institutions and other places of detention. They are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments. Correctional service officers who are supervisors are included in this unit group.

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4423 · By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers, n.e.c.
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Officers and inspectors in this unit group enforce by-laws and regulations of provincial and municipal governments. They are employed by provincial and municipal governments and agencies.

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