By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers, n.e.c.

National Occupation Code (NOC): 4423

Officers and inspectors in this unit group enforce by-laws and regulations of provincial and municipal governments. They are employed by provincial and municipal governments and agencies.

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Job Duties for By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers, n.e.c.

Animal control officers
  • Respond to citizen complaints concerning stray domestic animals, livestock and wildlife
  • Issue warnings and citations to owners
  • Impound lost, homeless and dangerous animals.
By-law enforcement officers
  • Enforce municipal and provincial regulations
  • Investigate complaints
  • Issue warnings and citations to commercial and residential property owners and occupants.
Commercial transport inspectors
  • Inspect commercial vehicles to ensure compliance with regulations governing load restrictions, the transportation of hazardous materials and public safety.
Garbage collection inspectors
  • Investigate complaints concerning infractions of garbage collection by-laws.
Liquor licence inspectors
  • Conduct inspections of licensed establishments
  • Advise licencees on laws and regulations
  • Report contravention of laws and regulations to provincial liquor control boards and agencies.
Parking control officers
  • Enforce parking by-laws on city streets, regional roads and municipal properties.
Taxi inspectors
  • Inspect taxicabs for mechanical reliability, cleanliness, licensing and meter accuracy
  • Investigate public complaints, issue citations and prepare reports
  • Give evidence to city councils, taxi commissions and in court.
Zoning inspectors
  • Investigate properties in violation of zoning and related by-laws, after receiving requests for licence clearances pertaining to zoning and related by-laws, and on receipt of building permit applications.
By-law enforcement officers may specialize in the enforcement of one specific by-law.

Working Conditions for By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers, n.e.c.

Work is performed both in an office environment and outdoors. Animal control officers may be exposed to potentially dangerous interactions

Alternate Job Titles

  • Animal Control Inspector
  • Animal Control Officer
  • Animal Control Supervisor
  • By-law Enforcement Officer
  • By-law Enforcement Officers Supervisor
  • Commercial Transport Inspector
  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer
  • Development Control Officer
  • Dog Catcher
  • Dog Warden
  • Garbage Collection Inspector
  • Highway Scale Operator
  • Humane Society Inspector
  • Humane Society Officer
  • Inspector - By-law Enforcement
  • Inspector - Municipal Law Enforcement
  • Licence Inspector
  • Liquor Board Licence Inspector
  • Liquor Licence Inspector
  • Lottery Supervisor - Government Services
  • Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
  • Municipal Law Enforcement Officers Supervisor
  • Parking Control Officer
  • Pound Officer
  • Property Standards Inspector
  • Property Use Inspector
  • Right Of Way Inspector
  • Road Transport Inspector
  • Service Station Inspector
  • Sign Inspector
  • Subdivision Control Officer
  • Taxi Inspector
  • Traffic Supervisor - By-law Enforcement
  • Transport Compliance Officer
  • Transportation Enforcement Officer
  • Weigh Station Operator - By-law Enforcement
  • Zoning Enforcement Officer
  • Zoning Inspector
  • By-Law/Property Standards Enforcement Officer
  • Building By-Law Officer
  • Bylaw Compliance Officer
  • Municipal By-law Enforcement
  • Traffic Employee
  • Municipal Parking Bylaw Enforcement Officer
  • Parking Enforcement Officer
  • Food Safety Advisor, Regulatory
  • Supervisor, Bylaw Compliance And Security
  • Supervisor, Bylaw Compliance And Security
  • Tobacco Enforcement Officer / Health Protection Enforcement Officer
  • Bylaw Compliance Clerk (part-time)
  • Bylaw Compliance Clerk (Part-Time)
  • Compliance & Standards Officer
  • Weight Inspector
  • Animal Services Officer, Part-time
  • Bylaw
  • Compliance Officer & Permitting Technician