Technical occupations in libraries, public archives, museums and art galleries

This minor group includes library and public archive technicians and technical occupations related to museums and art galleries. They are employed by libraries, public archives, museums, and galleries; retail settings; parks, aquariums, zoos, interpretive centres, botanical gardens, cultural centres, nature sanctuaries, historic and heritage sites, and other locations; or they may be self-employed.

5211 · Library and public archive technicians
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Library and public archive technicians assist users in accessing library or archive resources, assist in describing new acquisitions, participate in archive processing and storage, and conduct reference searches. They are employed by libraries and public archives.

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5212 · Technical occupations related to museums and art galleries
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This unit group includes workers who classify and catalogue museum artifacts and gallery works of art, construct and install exhibits and displays, restore, maintain and store museum and gallery collections, frame artwork, and perform other functions in support of curatorial and conservation activities. They are employed in museums and galleries. Picture framers and taxidermists may […]

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