Sales and service occupations

This category contains retail and wholesale sales occupations and customer and personal service occupations related to a wide range of industries, such as accommodation and food services, travel, tourism and cleaning services. Sales and service occupations can be linked, for the most part, to formal post-secondary or occupation-specific training programs. Others are characterized by periods of formal on-the-job training. Apprenticeship training is available for some specialized service occupations. Progression from sales and service occupations to positions of increased responsibility, or supervision, usually requires occupational experience and may require completion of related training programs.

62 · Retail sales supervisors and specialized sales occupations
23 Jobs

This major group comprises supervisory occupations in retail sales, and sales occupations requiring a related post-secondary degree or diploma, or specialized training courses and, in some cases, licensure. It includes retail sales supervisors, technical sales specialists in wholesale trade, retail and wholesale buyers, insurance agents and brokers, real estate agents and salespersons and financial sales […]

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63 · Service supervisors and specialized service occupations
70 Jobs

This major group comprises supervisory occupations in services, and service occupations requiring post-secondary or job specific training courses, or apprenticeship training. It includes service supervisors, chefs, cooks, butchers, bakers and specialized occupations in personal and customer services.

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64 · Sales representatives and salespersons - wholesale and retail trade
16 Jobs

This major group comprises sales occupations requiring secondary school, or more, and experience related to the product or service, or some combination of education, specific courses, product knowledge and demonstrated sales ability. It includes sales and account representatives in wholesale trade (non-technical) and retail salespersons.

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65 · Service representatives and other customer and personal services occupations
26 Jobs

This major group comprises service occupations usually requiring secondary school and some combination of specific training courses or programs of up to two years in duration, on-the-job training, related knowledge or experience and, in some cases, relevant licences or certifications. It includes security guards and occupations in related security services, food and beverage service, travel […]

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66 · Sales support occupations
55 Jobs

This major group comprises sales occupations that usually require some secondary education. It includes cashiers, service station attendants, store shelf stockers, store clerks and order fillers, and other sales related occupations.

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67 · Service support and other service occupations, n.e.c.
57 Jobs

This major group comprises service occupations that either require some secondary education, or have no specific educational requirements, and for which on-the-job training may be provided. It includes food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations; support occupations in accommodation, travel and amusement services; cleaners; and other service support and related occupations not elsewhere […]

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