Sales representatives and salespersons – wholesale and retail trade

This major group comprises sales occupations requiring secondary school, or more, and experience related to the product or service, or some combination of education, specific courses, product knowledge and demonstrated sales ability. It includes sales and account representatives in wholesale trade (non-technical) and retail salespersons.

641 · Sales and account representatives - wholesale trade (non-technical)
1 Job

This minor group includes non-technical sales and account representatives in wholesale trade, and auctioneers. They are employed by petroleum companies, food, beverage and tobacco producers, clothing manufacturers, motor vehicles and parts manufacturers, hotels, business services firms, and transportation companies, and other establishments that produce and provide goods and services.

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642 · Retail salespersons
11 Jobs

This minor group includes retail salespersons. They are employed by stores and other retail businesses, as well as wholesale businesses that sell on a retail basis to the public.

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