Other transport equipment operators and related maintenance workers

This minor group includes railway yard and track maintenance workers; water transport deck and engine room crew; boat and cable ferry operators and related occupations; air transport ramp attendants; and other automotive mechanical installers and servicers. They are employed by railway and marine transport companies; the federal government; cable ferry companies, ferry terminals, marine companies and canal, port and harbour authorities; airline and air services companies; automobile and truck service and repair shops; service departments of industrial establishments; and construction, mining and logging companies; or they may be self-employed.

7531 · Railway yard and track maintenance workers
4 Jobs

Railway yard workers regulate yard traffic, couple and uncouple trains and perform related yard activities. Railway track maintenance workers operate machines and equipment to lay, maintain and repair railway tracks. They are employed by railway transport companies.

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7532 · Water transport deck and engine room crew
1 Job

Workers in this unit group stand watch, operate and maintain deck equipment, perform other deck and bridge duties and assist ship engineer officers to operate, maintain and repair engines, machinery and auxiliary equipment aboard ships or self-propelled vessels. They are employed by marine transportation companies and federal government departments.

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7533 · Boat and cable ferry operators and related occupations
0 Jobs

This unit group includes workers who operate lock gates, bridges and similar equipment along canal systems and workers who operate cable ferries and ferry terminals. This group also includes boat operators, and owner-operators, who operate small motorboats or watercraft to transport passengers or freight. Workers in this group are employed by the federal government, cable […]

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7534 · Air transport ramp attendants
0 Jobs

Air transport ramp attendants operate ramp-servicing vehicles and equipment, handle cargo and baggage and perform other ground support duties at airports. They are employed by airline and air services companies and the federal government.

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7535 · Other automotive mechanical installers and servicers
6 Jobs

Workers in this group install replacement automotive mechanical parts such as mufflers, exhaust pipes, shock absorbers, springs and radiators and perform routine maintenance service such as oil changes, lubrication and tire repairs on automobiles, trucks and heavy equipment. They are employed by automobile and truck service and repair shops, service departments of industrial establishments and […]

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