National Occupation Code (NOC): 8262

Fishermen/women operate fishing vessels less than 100 gross tonnes to pursue and land fish and other marine life. They are usually self-employed owner-operators of fishing vessels.

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Job Duties for Fishermen/women

  • Operate fishing vessel to pursue and catch fish and other marine life
  • Select area for fishing, plot courses and compute navigational positions using compasses and charts or electronic fishing aids
  • Steer vessel and operate navigational instruments
  • Operate fishing gear, direct fishing operation and supervise fishing crew members
  • Maintain engine, fishing gear and other on-board equipment
  • Record fishing activities, weather and sea conditions
  • Estimate costs of operations and plan budget for each fishing season
  • Establish fish marketing plan and keep records of all financial transactions
  • May transport fish to processing plants or fish buyers.

Working Conditions for Fishermen/women

Work is performed on marine vessels on bodies of water; weather conditions can vary depending on the day. The use of trawling or net machines requires careful operation to prevent injury.

Alternate Job Titles

  • Beam Trawl Fisherman/woman
  • Clam Dredge Operator
  • Clam Fisherman/woman
  • Crab Fisherman/woman
  • Danish Seine Fisherman/woman
  • Fisherman/woman
  • Fishing Vessel Skipper
  • Gill Net Fisherman/woman
  • Gillnetter Skipper
  • Handliner Fisherman/woman
  • Harpoon Fisherman/woman
  • Hoop Net Fisherman/woman
  • Inshore Fisherman/woman
  • Line Fisherman/woman
  • Lobster Fisherman/woman
  • Longline Fisherman/woman
  • Longliner Fisherman/woman
  • Otter Trawl Fisherman/woman
  • Pot Fisherman/woman
  • Pound Net Fisherman/woman
  • Prawn Fisherman/woman
  • Purse Seine Fisherman/woman
  • Scallop Dredger
  • Seaweed Dragger
  • Seaweed Harvesting Machine Operator
  • Seiner Fisherman/woman
  • Shellfish Fisherman/woman
  • Shellfish Harvester Operator
  • Shore Fisherman/woman
  • Swordfish Fisherman/woman
  • Trap Boss - Fishing
  • Trap Fisherman/woman
  • Troller Fisherman/woman
  • Weir Fisherman/woman