Papermaking and finishing machine operators

National Occupation Code (NOC): 9433

Papermaking and finishing machine operators operate process machinery and equipment and assist papermaking and coating control operators to produce, coat and finish paper. They are employed by pulp and paper companies.

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Job Duties for Papermaking and finishing machine operators

  • Operate machines which cut, fold, glue or clip paper and cardboard to make boxes, corrugated cartons and other articles
  • Operate machines which glue paper to cardboard and cut it into required lengths
  • Operate machines which press paper to form drinking cups and other containers
  • Operate machines which cut, glue and fold paper to make envelopes or paper bags
  • Operate other paper converting machines to form products such as paper tubes, cards, paper towels or diapers
  • Clean and lubricate machine and perform other routine machine maintenance
  • Set up machines.

Working Conditions for Papermaking and finishing machine operators

Work is performed in a manufacturing environment, where safety measures must be followed to prevent injury from machinery, equipment, tools, and noise.

Alternate Job Titles

  • Assistant Coating Operator - Pulp And Paper
  • Back Tender, Paper Machine
  • Balerman/woman - Pulp And Paper
  • Baling Press Tender - Pulp And Paper
  • Calender Man/woman - Pulp And Paper
  • Calender Operator - Pulp And Paper
  • Calenderer - Pulp And Paper
  • Combiner Machine Operator - Paper Mill
  • Core Cutter And Reamer
  • Crimping Head Operator - Papermaking
  • Cutter And Reamer, Cores - Pulp And Paper
  • Embossing Calender Operator - Pulp And Paper
  • Finisher - Pulp And Paper
  • Fourdrinier Machine Operator - Pulp And Paper
  • Fourth Hand - Pulp And Paper
  • Grader - Pulp And Paper
  • Graderman/woman - Pulp And Paper
  • Label Operator - Papermaking
  • Laminating Machine Operator - Paper Mill
  • Packer-wrapper Attendant - Papermaking
  • Paper Grader
  • Paper Jogger Operation - Pulp And Paper
  • Paper Machine Hand
  • Paper Machine Operator
  • Paper Machine Winderman/woman
  • Paper Roll Finisher - Pulp And Paper
  • Paper Roll Wrapper - Pulp And Paper
  • Paper-coating Machine Operator
  • Paper-finishing Machine Operator
  • Papermaking And Finishing Machine Operator
  • Pressman/woman, Pulp - Pulp And Paper
  • Processed Paper Rewinder
  • Pulp Press Tender
  • Rewinder - Pulp And Paper
  • Rewinder Tender - Pulp And Paper
  • Roll Finisher - Paper
  • Roll Wrapper - Paper
  • Salvage Winder Operator - Papermaking
  • Second Hand, Paper Machine
  • Sheet Paper Inspector
  • Sheet Paper Sampler
  • Sheeter Operator - Pulp And Paper
  • Specialty Rewinder Operator - Papermaking
  • Supercalender Operator - Pulp And Paper
  • Third Hand - Pulp And Paper
  • Winder Operator - Pulp And Paper
  • Winderman/woman - Pulp And Paper
  • Wrapline Operator - Papermaking