Surviving A Layoff

Surviving A Layoff2018-03-15T00:40:31-05:00

Job loss is a journey not an event – and it doesn’t end with new employment.  The transition is difficult and filled with emotion.  The outcome depends on how we manage the disorientation and emotional turmoil encountered along the way.

Job loss is an explosive personal crisis that unfolds in at least three distinct stages over time.  The emotional trauma is akin to that of other life-altering losses like divorce or a death in the family.  And, each of us reacts differently and follows our own path through this difficult process.

Job Loss - #5 Cashing Your Reality Cheque
Job Loss - #6 Fear of Trying
Job Loss - #4 Rowing or Drifting
Job Loss - #3 Tunneling Out
Job Loss - #2 Getting Out & Letting Go
Job Loss - #1 Surfing a Sea of Emotion
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