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Logging and forestry labourers

National Occupation Code (NOC): 8616

Logging and forestry labourers perform a variety of manual tasks such as attaching choker cables to logs, planting trees, clearing brush, spraying chemicals, cleaning up landing areas and assisting other workers in woodlands operations. They are employed by logging companies and contractors.

Job Duties for Logging and forestry labourers

  • Assist other workers at logging sites
  • Attach chokers or cables to felled trees for yarding
  • Plant trees using manual tools
  • Spray herbicides from the ground using manual spraying equipment
  • Clear trails through woodlands using chain saws
  • Clean up landing areas at logging sites.

Working Conditions for Logging and forestry labourers

Work is performed outdoors in remote locations. Safety measures and protocols are in place to prevent injury from equipment, falling trees, and falls from heights.

Alternate Job Titles

  • Boom Man/woman
  • Boom Worker
  • Boom Worker - Logging
  • Boom Worker - Mill Pond
  • Cable Hooker - Logging
  • Choke Setter - Logging
  • Chokerman/woman
  • Chokerman/woman - Logging
  • Forestry Labourer
  • Log Driver
  • Log Rider
  • Logging And Forestry Labourer
  • Logging Labourer
  • Pondman/woman
  • Pulpwood Piler
  • River Driver
  • Seasonal Swamper - Logging
  • Seasonal Swamper - Logging Forestry
  • Seasonal Tree Planter
  • Sprayer - Logging And Forestry
  • Swamper - Logging And Forestry
  • Chokerman/woman
  • Forestry Labourer
  • Logging Labourer
  • Seasonal Tree Planter
  • Swamper - Logging And Forestry